New Jersey schools and academic institutions must comply with provisions of the following portion of New Jersey Administrative Code N.J.A.C. 6A - Chapter 16: Programs to Support Student Development.

During an educational security assessment, the NJ Security Assessments team will visit your site and analyze your overall school safety, law enforcement operations related to drugs and weapons, and student conduct. In addition to reviewing school documentation, we will conduct interviews with your administrators and staff in order to determined compliance with N.J.A.C. 6A. We will then draft and submit a final report, which will include our findings and determination, along with suggestions for remediation (if necessary).

Our assessment may cover one or more of the following subchapters of N.J.A.C. 6A:

Subchapter 5: School Safety and Security:

6A:16-5.1    School safety and security plans.
6A:16-5.2    School Violence Awareness Week.
6A:16-5.3    Incident reporting of violence, vandalism, and alcohol and other drug abuse.
6A:16-5.4    Access to juvenile justice information.
6A:16-5.5    Removal of students for firearms offenses.
6A:16-5.6    Removal of students for assaults with weapons offenses.
6A:16-5.7    Assaults on district board of education members or employees.
6A:16-5.8    Remotely activating paging devices.

Subchapter 6: Law Enforcement Operations for Alcohol, Other Drugs, Weapons and Safety

6A:16-6.1    Adoption of policies and procedures.
6A:16-6.2    Development and implementation of policies and procedures.
6A:16-6.3    Reporting students or staff members to law enforcement authorities.
6A:16-6.4    Handling of alcohol or other drugs, firearms and other items.
6A:16-6.5    Confidentiality of student or staff member involvement in alcohol or other drug abuse intervention and treatment programs.

Subchapter 7: Student Conduct

6A:16-7.1    Code of student conduct.
6A:16-7.2    Short-term suspensions.
6A:16-7.3    Long-term suspensions.
6A:16-7.4    Mandated student removals from general education.
6A:16-7.5    Expulsion.
6A:16-7.6    Conduct away from school grounds.
6A:16-7.7    Staff responsibilities.
6A:16-7.8    Attendance.
6A:16-7.9    Intimidation, harassment and bullying.
6A:16-7.10  Student records and confidentiality.